Your first Paddleboard

Updated: Jun 10

We have seen a huge interest in paddleboarding during this time and have had so many questions about what is the best board to purchase, especially when looking at issues (inflatable stand up paddle boards.)

So starting with size for a beginner.

Length should be 10'6 or longer, however, if you are a slightly taller person, look at an 11'6. This will help your stability and be a bit more relaxing for you on the water.

Moving on to the width of the board, a 32" board is amazing for beginners. It offers stability as well as being easy to learn to move around on. Adding to that, having a rounded nose on the board ( that is the front of the board ) is really great for beginners as this will really help your balance.

The thickness of the board, we suggest it should be 6". This keeps you out the water, doesn't allow the board to flex while you are on it and really helps with stability. A board with a double skin layer, meaning there is more than just one layer wrapped around the board, is typically how a lot of mid-range boards are made these days. This keeps the board really rigid.

Your height, weight and personal balance should be taken into consideration when buying your first board. Please make sure you always read the specifications on the board and how much load it can carry. A good beginner board will hold 120kgs or more.

We want to keep this short and sweet to help you make a decision easily when purchasing a board. If however, you have any questions about buying your first board, message us on Facebook or Instagram and we will get back you.

Happy paddling!






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